This is the Android and iOS mobile phones that can

This is the Android and iOS mobile phones that can

This is the Android and iOS mobile phones that can no longer update the WhatsApp application

As usual where each developer will certainly reduce support for certain devices for the sake of focusing on devices that are still used by many users. The WhatsApp 2020 application is one of the most important platforms that is relied on by many people.

Therefore, Android or iOS HP users must detail and update information that discusses various kinds of support for updates or updates from the WhatsApp application. This is because every update provided by the developer is important to provide new features and also the level of security of the device. WhatsApp Application No longer Supports This Mobile. Not only will not get support for updating applications, but when you exit the WhatsApp account, obviously it will not be able to be verified again. So if you really decide to stay on the iOS 8 operating system or longer, it is recommended not to release the W.A application, or maybe switch numbers.

Then for Android phones that will no longer get support for updates to the most popular instant messaging application in the World is just version 2.3.7 only. For now this may almost no one uses the OS, because cheap mobile phones with the latest Android OS are also circulating widely on the market. Such as Vivo Z1 Pro, Realme 5 Pro, Redmi Note 7, Samsung Galaxy A10s, OPPO A5 2020, and many others.

Just like an iPhone device where it is rare to find people who still have iOS-based phones version 8 and below. Due to the support of the iOS 13 update, it still reaches out to iPhone 7 cellphone users. So, for the termination of the WhatsApp 2020 APK Application update, it does not seem to be a serious problem, of course.