6 travel experience in the winter you should know

When speaking about winter, There are many people feel bored but the other people also love this season very much. Especially the people who passion for traveling usually think that the winter is a special season and they are waiting them wake up, come to discover.

There is no white snow paradise like Sapa or bring the sadness as old as Hue, but the winter tourism in Da Nang is lovely and new. Trust me, visit Da Nang in this season, you will feel how great it is. No need to have full of wild flowers or coconut palm, Da Nang in the cold still shows up very lovingly, very seductive. To be able to enjoy the whole scenery or give gifts or experience the beauty of specialties, you can book tours in Quang Da Travel  at: .

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With the motto to bring joy to customers by the thousands of good tours, reasonable price and serve perfectly and completely. If you are planning to travel in this winter without knowing that what to prepare important and appropriate, let refer the ideas and 6 experience!

1.Bring a warm clothes to the winter

Although you want to have fun but you also keep your health. Warm clothes are one of the most important items in your trip. The winter climate usually has cold air so you should keep warm your body with a smooth journey. In order to make sure keep warm for your body you have to take a wear trousers, you can wear a pair of leggings inside, a thin layers inside and use only a thick jacket outside. It makes everyone warmth and fashion.

2. Moisturizing

Skin is one of the issues that need attention and take care when traveling. In the dry winter, your skin is often dry and peeling is very uncomfortable, your have to provide water, moisturize the skin with cream or sleeping mask nature ...

3. Do not let the battery dry up

It's a pity if you are funny by selfie in the beautiful white snow paradise to save the memorable memory that your battery is flat. You need to know that the colder the battery is flat quickly. So you should take a spare smartphone when traveling . Always be careful not put your phone in a wet place and provide full of energy for it whenever you go out.

4. Choose a hotel where have a heater

For a good sleep and enjoying the warm atmosphere after visiting, a great room or hostel with a heater will be wonderful. You tend to sit in the room to read book and inhale the warm air here.

5. Drugs

Travel is endless fun but how to avoid sudden accidents or sick because of the weather. You remember that in your luggage always have a small medical bag related to flu, heat shock, medical bandage .... The health is gold, so precautions are never excessive. If careless to forget when you go to the other place, you should inquire the information of the nearest drugstore to buy it.

6. Choose the good destination to travel

After preparing the items carefully, the next thing you should do is to consider choosing the right tourist destination. It is not as easy as other seasons of the year. The winter is dominated by the weather. In places like the sea or mountainous areas with the wind will not suitable for you. You should choose the most popular tourist destination where people can come and discover.
 Wish you have a great trip with the experiences there!\

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